C   O   L   L   E   C   T   I   O   N

The Garden Bench

Curved arms and a beautifully arched back give this bench a delicate look.

A. (66W x 21D x 39H)

The Horizon Bench

A comfortable place to rest with a southwestern appeal.

B.  (65W x 24.5D x 34.5H)

Porch Swing

The most affordable solid wood swing you will find on the market.

C.  (48W x 23D x 18.5H)

Utility Chairs

Designed for easy nesting and storage. Handcrafted, straight line design which can be used anywhere

D.  Armchair (28W x 21D 35.5H)

E.  Chair (21.5W x 21D x 35.5H)